#7. My twin is cooler than me.


Clearly we are two separate souls. A Mulan could never be compared to a Sleeping Beauty. Psh, peasants.
Clearly we are two separate souls. A Mulan could never be compared to a Sleeping Beauty. Psh, peasants.

Dev and I have been twins for as long as I can remember (*har har jokes*), but no seriously we’ve been stuck together for quite awhile. Most people think (and ask) that because we crawled out of the crevice we call Mom on the same day that we are also the same person. That would be entirely false.

Devin and I are as different as they come. Some twins are two peas in a pod, we’re more like a stalk of celery and a fry. I like to see this as a good thing; since it’s so rare that we stumble upon something we both enjoy, when we do it makes whatever it happens to be seem special. So far the only thing we’ve found is cats so as you can see they’re really special.

cat 3

Now, I could go on all day describing everything that she loves and I hate and vice versa, but I’ll spare you that lobotomy and touch upon the big boys.

First, we don’t look alike. Even though the physical evidence is right in front of people, we’re still constantly asked if we’re identical. “Ah yes, actually I am, I just hired this smaller girl to follow me back to my house everyday and assume the life of my real twin until she returns from never existing”. People can be idiots. She’s a petite, dark haired, blue eyed lass with lashes longer than this entry. I, am a tall, light haired, brown eyed gal with weirdly long fingernails. I love my nails long, Devin keeps hers short to the point of pain. I wear my hair up, she wears it down. I wear makeup (and purple lipstick that matches absolutely nothing) and She does not. She loves preppy outfits and I’d rather wear leather.

Secondly, we have different tastes in food. By this I mean that I like good food and she likes horrible things that usually have the words fiber, natural or wheatgrass in them. I am a huge steak and potato kind of girl. Anything that can have butter on it I will eat. And I also love, love, love to eat. I’d say it’s my favorite past time. Devin is conservative and would probably be happy with just a salad. Actually I know she would since the last time I saw her she was jumping out of her skin to try a new salad bar in the city. Dev is all about organic, natural food with reasonable portions and fresh, leafy flavors. I’m all about Wendy’s chicken sandwich menu.

Third, school and interests! There’s basically two parts to school; science and math nerds and the english and arts nerds. I reside in the english camp while Devin has staked her claim in the math one. I can’t do a lick of math, seriously I can’t. Math skills come naturally to Devin, which is good for her because we need people in this world who know how to do mindless tasks. I’m not saying that Devin is bad with English though, she’s not, it’s just a matter of what we each enjoy and take an interest in. I still find it funny how people expect us to be majoring in the same things when we both took completely different paths in high school.

Fourth, music. Devin has great taste in music. She’s a little selective, she knows what artists she likes, she knows concert dates, she’s up to date with new releases, I owe my entire music library to her. I will listen to absolutely anything and probably like it unless there’s someone screaming at me. And even then I’m still pretty indifferent to it. The artists I can really get into, she also hates and refuses to play when were driving which is absurd because that’s basically the only quality time to listen to a song. It’s prime ‘daydreaming montage’ time.

One thing we do have heavily in common though is that we’re extremely emotional. I cry at just about anything that is cute, sad, happy, interesting or surprising. If I cry, Devin cries too. Then typically our Mom joins in and Dad comes home and is reminded that he never had a son.

So, we’ve established that Devin and I are two completely different creatures, aside from our love of cats and crying, and crying over cats. Really though, would this blog be interesting at all if I only had someone exactly like me to rant about?

No. Honestly, if that were the case, you would all be reading about cats by now.


Heads up, that’s what you will be reading about next week. Dog lovers beware.

Adios inter web acquaintances,

Danika Eve



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