She said/She said

The Holly Berry fiasco:

Danika: Devin tricked me into inhaling a berry up my tiny child nose while I was young and vulnerable and she was bloodthirsty

Devin: Danika was an idiot child who wanted to prove she was better at everything including shoving things into her body. Nowadays she proves it with food.


The Cat fiasco:

Danika: I wanted a cat for my birthday but Mom wanted to be fair so we both ended up with cats. But you stole my present so it wasn’t special anymore since they both hid from us. And somehow yours is obese and still alive.

Devin: You can’t claim  birthday present; especially when it was a surprise. The cats like me more anyways you dress them in ridiculous outfits.


The OLY issue:

Danika: I had a three hour fight with mom on how to spell Only, I kept spelling it oly and all you did was sit there and encourage me and laugh. Which made mom madder and somehow got me in trouble.

Devin:You literally can’t spell, how the heck did you possibly think oNly was oly! There’s a N right there you can hear it in the word! Mom just likes me more.


The light issue:

Danika: Whenever I’m in bed before you, I leave the light on so you can come in and get ready and do all your business but every single time you just get in bed and leave it on so I have to get up when I’m already in bed just to turn it off. You literally just leave it on because you hate me.

Devin: It’s above your bed you’ll wake up eventually. Besides you like the light on.



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